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Picton Rangers GOSS 2022 February 3, 2022

Picton Rangers GOSS 2022

PRFC held its second-ever Girls Only Soccer Session in the pre-season of 2022 after a highly successful inaugural event in 2021, with the event open to both seasoned Rangers and new players, ages 5 and up to all age women.

There were many excited girls and ladies keen to lace up and catch up with old footy friends after a long break due to the 2021 season being cut short. Plenty of new faces as well, which is always nice to see.

FNSW, MFA and the Macarthur Rams Womens FC all attended the event to support the club and deliver fun and engaging activities to the girls and ladies on the day. It was great seeing the enthusiasm of Macarthurs friendly coaches, their encouragement for all the big and small kids is to be commended. A fun night had by all.

“It was great to see the youngest participants having fun with local role models from Macarthur Rams Womens FC U16, U18s and Reserve grade teams. Events like these continue to be successful thanks to the positivity around the girls’ first taste of playing football in an organised environment.”

Sonya Feeney

The event open to both seasoned Rangers and new players, ages 5 and up to all age women

Picton Rangers continue to be heavily invested in female participation and the experience of all their players as they continue to support all their coaches through education courses and a great CCC program.

We look forward to the 2022 season with many more female players, teams and Rangers. Go Rangers.